4. The TMCC Worship Experience

WoUld yoU pLease eXplain the TMCC worship eXperience?

Time: 9:30-11:00am. Wow… an hour and 30 minutes. But we are casual and personal. Kids welcome. We will again begin starting on time… since starting at 9:35 or 38 or 40 fosters future delayed arrivals and it makes the service last longer.

Fellowship: The actual intermingling of people, it’s not just a come and see “show”, we have three ops for being with people- prior to worship, during the break before the sermon, at the end of worship. Anonymous church worship is not a healthy format, so we don’t do that, we believe in talking to people.

Prayer: Being small we have the luxury of actually hearing prayer request, and then having other participants pray for one another, this builds connections, has the church praying one for another, is personal, and involves many in worship.

Music: We sing to songs on video with lyrics, this is purposeful, we can experience multiple styles, focus on God, have high quality without exorbitant costs. The second biggest headache in “Big Church” is opinions on worship style, worship personnel, worship songs chosen… we are able to avoid that. This doesn’t mean we will never have a live leader. It will probably be a mix, and has to be the right leader that understands our dna, it’s not about me or him/her.

Seven Minute Segment: The Purpose of the seven minute segment is generally 3-fold. To explore biblical/cultural topics other than the sermon for the day. To allow other voices within the community to speak to the congregation. To allow opportunity for public speaking experience for other leaders.

Expository Sermons: Visiting w people and studying the Bible all week is a great job description for a pastor. An architect knows building, a fireman knows fire, a banker knows money, shouldn’t the sermon push us to know the bible better, if the sermon doesn’t press us into deeper biblical waters… when will we get that? Yet knowledge isn’t the end goal, loving God and people is. Let’s learn the Bible, so as to help us Love God and People. The sermon time has steadily moved from 1 hour, down to 45 minutes, now to 35 minutes. There is only so much that can be absorbed at one time. We use a timer on the 7 minute segment and the sermon to force discipline and honor people’s time. So don’t be surprised when you hear the rooster crow. Literally.

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