Seeking Worship Leaders

Twelve Mile Creek

We are a multi-generational church looking for worship leaders.


While we have many gifts represented within our church family, we have historically been bereft of individuals who could lead worship. Therefore, we have had to resort to using pre-recorded tracks. However, we are praying for someone or a group who can regularly lead us and see fit to become a part of our church family. The worship leaders will work closely with our pastors in developing the musical aspect of the worship service. Fostering dynamic congregational worship—primarily contemporary—is a key priority for our church.  We are seeking individuals who are called and gifted.

Personal Note from Keith

Well before I began my training for the ministry I was blessed with many opportunities to preach and teach. Little did I know at the time, the Lord was preparing me for pastoral ministry and giving me valuable experience. I was hungry to learn. I have to believe there are aspiring worship leaders out there who are hungry for a shot. TMCC just might be your chance. Contact Keith if you are interested at

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