World Missions

Would you pray about giving to Pastor Sam’s Ministry in Tamil Nadu?
I have all the funds necessary for my personal travel… all monies accepted will go directly to Emmanuel’s Ministry for children, bible students, churches, etc.
Would you pray about giving $100, $1,000, or $10,000 to build the kingdom in India?

Mission Trip to India

Would you pray and consider going to India?

I’m planning a trip to Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu India sometime probably in October 2012.
It will be approximately for 10-12 days.
We will minister to hundreds of children, orphans, school students, Bible Students, lepers, pastors, the local church, etc. etc.
Cost of a plane ticket, and costs of approxiately several hundred dollars for the motels.
You must be a Christian, have a humble attitude to serve, be culturally sensitive and not expect certain foods, alcohol, comfort, nor life the way you like it…
You need a valid Passport (new ones can take 6mths, renewals 6-8 weeks) and Mark will get the group Visas (but needs your passort to do so).
I hope to take about 2-3 people… maybe up to 8.
Please contact me as soon as you can if you are interested.
Jesus… I pray you would help the finances to come in so that we could enable those who want to participate on this trip, help us who are going to sacrifice in our own lives to help make it occur, and supply us with funds so that we can make a generous offering to the ministry in India to increase Your Kingdom in India.
In Christ,
Pastor Mark Patterson

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