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FNB Study!


Friday Night Bible Study this Friday Jan. 24th at Jeff and Kathy Robillard’s.

5028 Longview Ct.  Weddington, NC 28104

Please “Reply All” so Jeff can plan for cooking the meat! He needs a headcount by Wednesday! Bring some friends and a dessert! And a Bible! Keith has a great lesson for us.

In Christ, Mark

Fri & Sunday

Hey Bereans,

1) Friday Night Bible Study at Steve and Vickies house again this Friday Nov. 1st!7-9pm… bring a Bible, friend, $5, and a food item!  Pizza and Prep will be provided.  Please “Reply All” if you are able to bring something and come.8006 Weddington Downs DriveWeddington, NC
2) Please Pray for someone right now you believe needs to be connected to Christ.  People Need Him.
3) Fall Back Sleep Extra Hour, this Sunday Nov. 3rd, you will probably actually be at worship 15 min early.
4) Sunday Morning, Live Worship, Communion, Great Teaching, and Fellowship.  We want visitors.  We want to Grow.
5) Pop Quiz:Could God have seeded our planet through UFOs?Who buried Moses?Who do Calvinists and Arminians believe is responsible for evangelism?When God created the Nile crocodile, why did he need serrated teeth?Can anyone ever truly be objective, or is that an impossibility?Are Christian’s after redemption natural hypocrites?
Be like a Berean.

In Christ,Mark

Friday Night Fall Bible Study Begins Oct. 6th

Friday Night Fall Bible Study is Beginning!
1)  Jeff and Kathy Robillard will host our first one, Friday Night Oct. 4th, 7-9pm.
Keith Lowder will be teaching!
Everyone bring something with your Bible.
Guests should be invited.
Jeff will be cooking something fabulous… and providing some secret aged drink.
Everyone bring one thing, Salad, Desserts, Drink, etc.
Please “Reply All” if you are coming and what you will bring.
The Robillards
5028 Longview Ct.
Weddington, NC 28104
2)  Steve and Vickie will be hosting the remaining Friday Night Bible Studies.  Man, we love their hospitality!  Building community!
Every other Friday Night, 7-9pm, bring $4 for Pizza and bring an item.
So… also… Oct. 18th, Nov. 1st, Nov. 15th, Nov. 29th.
Dec. 13th, TMCC Christmas Party!
3)  Keith begins at TMCC Oct. 1st, and will begin Preaching Oct. 6th.  Please welcome him with a gift!  Something extraordinary!
We will plan Breakfast Sunday Oct. 6th, what could you bring?
Bacon, fruit, casserole, juice, eggs, milk?
Mark will bring Coffee, Hot chocolate, cups, and the usual?
Please “Reply All” what you can bring to the Breakfast.
Please invite Guests to Worship.
4)  TMCC:  It is time to increase the overall health of the Church.  Part of that is growth and new ministries.  Let’s add some wonderful people who need an amazing Savior just like we do.  Let’s reinvite past attenders.  Let’s be proactive.
Love God and Love People,
In Christ,

TMCC Welcomes The Rev Keith Lowder Oct. 6th

Sunday Oct. 6th Keith is Preaching.
We are having full Breakfast!
Join us!

TMCC is excited to announce.
The Reverend Keith Lowder is joining our staff.
He will serve as Interim Teaching Pastor, allowing Mark time for Sabbatical.
What a great addition to TMCC.
What a great friend.
What a great preacher/teacher.
Send Keith a note… get him an extraordinary gift!
We are excited.
It is time for TMCC to move forward.
Growth is Healthy.
Love God and Love People!

Friday Night Bible Study Begins and Dates

Friday Night Bible Study Begins
Feb. 8th!

Dates for 2nd Semester Bible Study:
Feb. 8th. Begins at Jeff and Kathy’s House.
Feb. 22nd. Vickie and Steve’s House.
Mar. 8, 22nd. Vickie and Steve’s House.
April 5, 19th. Vickie and Steve’s House.

6 classes. Meets every other week. Plan to attend. Bring food, snack, drink, goodie, and Your Bible. Don’t miss!

The 19th is Good Friday.
April 21st is Easter Sunday.
Union County School Out April 20-28th.

Dinner, Fellowship, Discipleship, Study.
Bring friends.

Be like the Bereans.
In Christ

join the notices: email

TMCC invites You!

Hey… TMCC invites you to join our small band of believers for:

Worship Sunday Mornings 9:30am-11am
SS 11:15am-noon
Every Other Friday Night Bible Study 7-9pm

Please pray about joining our organic growth, expositional teaching, openness to questions, while living faithful to Jesus in an Orthodox Evangelical Contemporary Casual community.

In Christ,
Pastor Mark Patterson

a Latin American Christian, a Libertarian Pro Pot Believer, a Church of Christ/Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox, a British Evangelical, a Dutch Catholic, & a Bird Catching Pastor…

a Latin American Christian, a Libertarian Pro Pot Believer, a Church of Christ/Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox, a British Evangelical, a Dutch Catholic, & a Bird Catching Pastor walk into a bar… &… the Holy Spirit shows up… so then what…?

Come Sunday and find out.


Hey… you reading this post… you are invited to TMCC… this Sunday!

Small body, deep study, authentic and not afraid of questions… no authoritarian issues here… transparent finances… everybody doing their part for the whole, normal, loving, warm, broken, healing, personal…
we pray… don’t have a mega band… talk to each other… and regular church body stuff like that… you’d like it.

Come on… quit thinking about it and just visit.  No pressure.


Easter Sunday Breakfast


Easter Sunday
Worship and Breakfast will begin at Normal Time.
9:30am – 11:30am.

I expect no Sunday School so that we can have Extra Time of Fellowship together and also so you can go out for Sunday Easter Lunch with friends and family.

If you can please bring some item for Breakfast… please “Reply All” so Chuck and Carol and everyone knows what that is.

9:30am  Gather, Breakfast, Eat, Fellowship.
9:50am  Worship in Song
10:30am Sermon
11:00am  The Lord’s Supper
11:20am End

Chuck… the Pattersons will be bringing 6 people plus 2 Breakfast Casserole dishes.

We look forward to Worshipping with you all!

He will be Risen,

2 Controversial Theologies Tonight

I continue to read and prep for Friday Night Bible Study as I sit in the Chicago Midway Airport.
Bring your thoughtful… Biblical mind tonight and be prepared to be stretched w 2 intertwined yet distinct controversial Christian interpretations and philosophies.
Some will be intrigued…
Some will be offended…
All of us will want to know…. ok… but
“What does the Bible say…?”
It’s gonna be a good one.
No milk served here… only USDA 100% Choice Beef!
Knowledge should lead us to love more.
In Christ.

Lucifer – is that really one of his names… Friday B Study Discovered the Truth


Hmmm… where does that name come from… are we really as Biblical as we think sometimes….
Let’s study the Bible and See!

Friday Night Bible Study found out the answer.

We started by looking at Jeff’s Hard Q… “How can Satan walk into the presence of God?”  Job 1:6
Good question… we researched that one too.

Be like the Bereans…
Come to Friday Night Bible Study!
Come to Sunday School!
Be in Small Group!
Look to the Scriptures on your Own!
Come on… we have to do something!  Right?