Our Beliefs

Core Beliefs

Even a brief look at our core beliefs reveals our conviction that Christianity must be rooted in the Bible.  Though we are a church in Weddington, North Carolina, we are united with the Church Universal in our basic, biblically sound beliefs.

The Bible is the authoritative Word of God.  We believe it is true and trustworthy.

The Trinity One God in Three Persons… Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

People are created in His image, male and female, for a relationship with Him. We ALL have fallen in sin and are redeemed only by Jesus Christ.

Salvation is in Jesus Christ by grace through faith.
Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation. Grace is God’s unmerited favor. People are created to have a relationship with God.  That relationship is broken by sin, so God, compelled by His love for people, sent His Son Jesus to be the final atonement so that we might have the opportunity, all by his sovereign prevenient (preceding), to repent and enter a relationship with Him. Salvation is for bringing us to the relationship we are created to enjoy.

The Church is God’s people, His Bride,  and the Body of Christ.  The Church is called to regular public worship. This practice is an essential part of spiritual growth and Christian fellowship. Jesus desires to draw all people to become the Church, so He commanded us to go into all the world making disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching them to obey all He commands.

Jesus Christ: God in the flesh, 100% man 100% God, sinless, death on a cross, bodily resurrected from the dead, ascended into heaven.
Jesus, the eternal Second person of the Trinity, became incarnate to live on the earth, God born in human flesh, born but not created. He lived a sinless life, was crucified on a cross by His rebellious human creation, was bodily resurrected by the power of God from the dead, and He then physically ascended into heaven.

Works are fruits that reveal salvation.  Fruitful works will result if God is truly in relationship with a person. This fruit is natural growth from roots in God. They do not cause nor earn salvation, but are a result of it. Though Christians are in a relationship with God and have been liberated from sin, spiritual growth is still needed. Christians must actively decide to honor their relationship with God and daily make Jesus their Lord. People can be transformed and made holy by submission to the Holy Spirit. In spiritual growth, fruit results.

 Judgment: Once the day of reckoning comes, those who are in relationship with God through Jesus Christ will continue to live with Him forever in His presence. Those who are not in relationship with God through Jesus Christ will live without Him forever.

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