We are cruising through Romans.
We are in Chapter 14.

The Elect doesn’t mean exactly what you think!
Sorry Calvin… the Bible … Paul… tweaks the Chosen, Israel, the Elect!

We must decide if we think Paul is saying
We do have the Power to Live Righteous…
If we don’t do what we want and do what we don’t want!

What in the World did Paul really teach about Women?

Hey… I love J Vernon McGee! I want to teach through the Bible too!

Come on… get on the Bible 1969 Tan Volkswagen Bug!

Friday Night Bible Study Begins and Dates

Friday Night Bible Study Begins
Feb. 8th!

Dates for 2nd Semester Bible Study:
Feb. 8th. Begins at Jeff and Kathy’s House.
Feb. 22nd. Vickie and Steve’s House.
Mar. 8, 22nd. Vickie and Steve’s House.
April 5, 19th. Vickie and Steve’s House.

6 classes. Meets every other week. Plan to attend. Bring food, snack, drink, goodie, and Your Bible. Don’t miss!

The 19th is Good Friday.
April 21st is Easter Sunday.
Union County School Out April 20-28th.

Dinner, Fellowship, Discipleship, Study.
Bring friends.

Be like the Bereans.
In Christ

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