2 Controversial Theologies Tonight

I continue to read and prep for Friday Night Bible Study as I sit in the Chicago Midway Airport.
Bring your thoughtful… Biblical mind tonight and be prepared to be stretched w 2 intertwined yet distinct controversial Christian interpretations and philosophies.
Some will be intrigued…
Some will be offended…
All of us will want to know…. ok… but
“What does the Bible say…?”
It’s gonna be a good one.
No milk served here… only USDA 100% Choice Beef!
Knowledge should lead us to love more.
In Christ.

Lucifer – is that really one of his names… Friday B Study Discovered the Truth


Hmmm… where does that name come from… are we really as Biblical as we think sometimes….
Let’s study the Bible and See!

Friday Night Bible Study found out the answer.

We started by looking at Jeff’s Hard Q… “How can Satan walk into the presence of God?”  Job 1:6
Good question… we researched that one too.

Be like the Bereans…
Come to Friday Night Bible Study!
Come to Sunday School!
Be in Small Group!
Look to the Scriptures on your Own!
Come on… we have to do something!  Right?