Jehovah Witnesses

I was fortunate to have another great chat with two Jehovah Witnesses on Monday.
I’m better at getting to our unfortunate disagreements about Jesus (in love) than I use to be.
No sense arguing about the “Name” of God… nor who created us… nor the world gone awry… we can agree on all that…
Let’s be kind yet get right to the MAJOR differences about Jesus.
I came home and began creating an easy look Scripture reference and study on this.
Come and study the Bible with us.
We want to know the truth… so it can set us all free to be as faithful at Witnessing as Jehovah’s people.

“God Repents…” Say Whaaaat???

Great Friday Night Bible Study.
Yup… the KJV says “God Repents…” over 30 something times.
But He isn’t like us. He is Holy. Ok… so He “relents from bringing disaster onto Nineveh”… or is “sorry He made humankind” … do we even think He can relent, be sorry, change His mind,… etc.. is that possible?
What the heck is going on here?
What a Great Friday Night Bible Study.
We really dig deep.
Join us.
In Christ,