Who is Leading Your Church?

Leadership and Authority:                                                                   (audio version)

1)  Pastor is Anointed and Positioned, viewed as a Moses, Abraham, David, Paul.  Runs the “show” and everyone knows it.  Ex. Contemporary, charismatic, megachurches.
2)  Staff Lead, Key Staff make decisions, board has some generalized say/authority over hires and duties, congregation has little to no power.  Ex. Many contemporary churches with an american/capitalized influence.
3)  Pastor is Positioned, w authority, but with elders, deacons, committees that are a strong system of checks and balances.  Ex.  Equal elders leading the body, Pastor lead Elders group, Presbyterians, contemporary churches, congregation has little power.
4)  Bishops, Elders, Committees are Powerful and Positioned, Pastor is more readily replaceable, the institution, the denomination, the church leaders, not the Pastor nor the people, have the power.  Ex. Catholics, Methodists, small churches, denominations.
5)  All people almost equal, Congregation has the Power, appropriated in church votes or in that the pastor serves almost like everyone else and is not lifted up.  Ex. Baptists, Congregationalist, Amish, Quakers.

Most Churches are a mix or lean in multiple directions.
In the practical… a Church maybe #4 above… but by sheer personality there may still be a LEADER or person/family of POWER depending on community dynamics.

Who is leading your Church?
(what is biblical…?)

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