Enoch “taken” – Noah reverse curse – Sons of God – Nephilim?

Another Great Friday Night Bible Study at the Greenberg’s last night.
We looked at Genesis 5-6… so much packed into those 2 chapters.
Enoch gets “taken” because he walked with God.
Lamech prophesies over Noah that he will bring “relief” from the curse.  How’d that pan out?
Human life is cut to 120 years.
The Sons of God that mated with the daughters of man… fallen angels?  Mighty men of renown?
The Nephilim were their children… a race of giants?  Goliath?  11 fingers and 11 toes.  Russell Crowe got this all distorted.
This resulted in mankind’s continual evil… and the pronouncement of Judgment!
Noah gets drunk from the “Fruit” of the tree… ends up “Naked” on the beach… hhmmm… a lot like Adam… this recreation account is turning out a lot like the first one.
We will need a Savior!

Bible Study will gather again in 2 weeks,… Pizza Night!
Then in 2 more we will go Caroling.

You are invited!

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