Question your God

I really think you have to stop and question your God…
if he regularly and consistently instructs you to strap bombs to children and force them to commit suicide at Weddings, killing people of your own religion.

All “Gods” don’t lead to the same God!
Hey… America… Can you Hear That!  Please Quit Saying It!
Please in defense of All Religions… Please Quit Saying That!
It makes God schizophrenic!  It makes no sense.

All Marks are not the same Mark.
All Christys are not the same Christy.
All Engineers are not the same Engineer.

Quit repeating that.  Who established that?
No One!

Jesus reveals God as a God who loved His people so much, He sent His One and Only Son to die in our deserved place.
Jesus reveals a God who loves orphans, and widows, and the handicapped!
Jesus reveals a God who Commands me to Forgive!
Jesus reveals a God who loves EVERYONE!

Matched up with reality, a heart, what’s truly right…. is there any question who is a False God and who is Real!

Choose today whom you will serve.
Choose Jesus!