Back in the Day (& Now) a Truckin Pastor

Picture120150622_152355Ha… looking over some history… every once in a while back in the Original Plant Days TMCC put up with me preaching from my 18 Wheeler!  That was the blue one to the far left with the cool snake on the pavement.  (Also with my Pantera wannabe goat.)

So after 4 years I’m Bi-Vocational again.  Driving Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, mostly to Atlanta and back, and sleeping in my own bed every night Praise God!  (My truck now is the middle white one in the pic.)  Then I’m working for TMCC Thursday-Sunday.  It’s great.  I really like it.  With a small body… and any fluctuations in attendance numbers… receipts can move dramatically up or down.  So… we knew I would need something by Jan. 2016, so as to keep our healthy cash reserve, we decided I’d find a good fit part time.  So… I’m a Truckin Pastor again.  Ey… I’m livin the dream, what about you?
Love God and Love People!