Sexual Parameters From the Bible

So answer this question please.
Can Christians teach what the Bible says?

If I am someone who has never read the Bible, am I allowed to sit down and read it over a 12mth period… and be honest enough to say…
“I’ll find – what I find – that it says?”

If we then move one step further… and after reading it, I continue to study and try my best to teach what it says.
“Are we willing to allow for that?”

If the Bible teaches about sexual parameters…
“Can we respect those who teach what the Bible says regarding that?”

If not… then how can anyone be respected as a Bible teacher.
Do we really want Bible teachers to conform to the norms of the current culture and alter what the text actually says?

If someone doesn’t agree with an interpretation… or doesn’t like the Bible… or rejects God in full – or in part maybe just concerning sexual discipline… or agrees with what it says yet rejects to live accordingly… well ok.  It’s America… you have your rights.
But if someone tries to teach what the Bible says… gently and respectfully, should society penalize them in any fashion?

We are free to follow and/or free to not follow…
However… we are not free to feign as if we can re-write the Scriptures according to the Cultural Norm of the Day.
When we read that the Bible commands us to Love and Forgive… we should not alter what the Bible says concerning those instructions.
When we read that the Bible sets parameters to our sexuality… we should not alter what the Bible says concerning those instructions either.

Now we all have our struggles in trying to live a life in accordance to what we say we believe…whether you follow the Bible or not.  I mean… you probably believe in loving people, you probably have some moral structure, you probably think we should help people… but you and I both struggle with living up to the values we have, but that shouldn’t alter the high values of what we say we believe.

So if someone Values the Bible… we shouldn’t expect them to curb or alter what it says… for that would truly be disingenuous, wouldn’t it?

And so… though I know you will fail… just as I will…

go out there and as best as you can do this-
Love God and Love People… according to what the text says!

(Oh… and likewise go out there and as best as you can do this too-
follow the parameters God sets concerning your sexuality… according to what the text says!)


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