The unqualified are the qualified!

“The church, someone has said, is the only club in the world where the only qualification for joining it and staying in it is that one be unqualified.”
. . .                                                                 -Pastor Steve Brown …

unfortunately many of us, after joining, then obsess over trying to qualify!

Ignatius of Antioch, 35-107AD

Apostolic Father (within life of the Apostles)
Disciple of John
Martyr in the Coliseum
Wrote 7 preserved letters to the Churches that reveal:
1)  early theology on the sacraments
2)  three “offices” bishops / elders/ deacons
3)  ecclesiology (Greek root word meaning “assembly, called out ones”, church leadership, church role in salvation, church discipline etc).

Passover Seder Eucharist Friday April 3rd

We are Celebrating a Passover Seder Eucharist Friday April 3rd at the Weddington Swim and Racquet Club 7-8:45pm.
We have about 26 currently signed up.
Please let Corina know if you are planning to come.
It will be our first one, casual, with Jewish readings and prayers that moves into the Eucharist to celebrate how and why Jesus changed this 2,000 year old High Holy Day to be about Himself, the Passover Lamb.
Come join us.
(Thanks to Natascha Hayden Greenberg, Corina Frakes Patterson, and Debi Poel Pope)