Not “Pro” Not “Phobic”, but Biblical

First, I’d like to clearly state that this is not an issue that we focus on nor lift above any other Biblical issue.
I do recognize that Homosexuality is a hot topic within Society and, particularly pertinent it’s also a hot topic within the Christian Community. It is specifically within the Christian Community- that Believes the Bible is God’s Word- that I listen, study, speak, and teach.

Secondly, we have studied a host of other issues over the last 5 years prior to this one. Now we come to this and we will not shy away just because we all might not agree. I mean, why would we… the Bible clearly, repeatedly deals with the subject of our Sexuality. And for good reason. So, wherever you come down on this, you should teach concerning it… for it is intrinsically a part of who we are… and the Bible has much to say. If your Bible teacher does not… then frankly… he/she should be ashamed. We must speak concerning the things the Bible speaks of like gossip, taxes, wealth, slavery, hatred, love,… and sex.

Like you, I’m searching for the truth… I am not the truth… but I do believe the Bible is, thus we have and are continuing to study what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Since this is such a hot topic today, it is fair to make certain we obtain as much clarity as possible, including extra time, teaching, and open discussion. This does not make me Pro the Agenda nor Phobic the Agenda nor of any people. I simply want to study the Bible.

Matthew Vines, at the time of this post was 21 years old, in 2012. He studied at Harvard for 2 years before devoting himself full time to a Biblical Interpretation of this issue and subsequently creating a non-profit with the goal of changing mainstream Christian teaching concerning sexual orientation, gender identity, and acceptance of the LGBT community.

As we have just studied a majority of these Biblical texts ourselves,… you will hear Matthew interpret these passages quite differently.
It would be healthy for you to hear him, since massive numbers of “Evangelicals” under 35 are changing their opinion on Christian Homosexuality.

At minute marker 16:50 in the video he begins dissecting the 6 main Biblical passages.
Before this time in the video he has also looked at creation of man and woman in Genesis.
As he reviews the 6 main passages, and other supporting passages, can you notice where he does offer some helpful incite, while at the same taking tremendous interpretive leaps that he will summarily state as fact without skipping a beat. For instance his reference to Matthew 10 and the sin Jesus is referring to? Is that true? Go look for yourself.

At minute marker 24:00 and following he does away with all Levitical Law using the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. Therefore now no prohibitions against incest, bestiality, polygamy… etc… since the “law” has ended and Jesus doesn’t prohibit these…???
Matthew is presupposing in his interpretive method that there is no distinction between Jewish Ceremonial Law and Moral Law? Did you catch that? Is that correct?

It can be incredibly difficult and frankly not totally possible to look at anything without some subjectivity. We should recognize this, be willing to consider the other’s view point,… and then try to handle God’s word correctly so that we can know the difference between right and wrong.

In the end… even knowledge will fail… but love never will.
In all things let’s “Love God and Love People”!
Pastor Mark Patterson

Sermon, PhD Student Christopher Winchester

PhD Student Christopher Winchester preached a great sermon this past Sunday.
He taught us how Matthew utilized and interpreted Old Testament passages that pointed to the Christ, the Messiah, Jesus, the Savior!
Thanks Christopher.
God has and is growing Chris up,… from the time he was in Teen Impact as a young struggling student… to now a teacher of teachers.
God is good.
He takes us little people… us small things… us mustard seeds… and does what we didn’t even think or imagine!
Praise God for what He is doing thru Christopher.