Homosexuality and the Bible

Such a highly charged issue of the day.

We will do a thoroughly in depth study of this issue in Adult Sunday School beginning Oct 26th and lasting for 4-6 weeks.
This is for those interested in what the Bible really says pertaining to this discussion and how that effects culture, society, church, us, and our kids.

1) Are we beginning with the same moorings?
2) How does Love, Tolerance, Acceptance, Affirmation, Advocacy, Discrimination, and the Legal System play into the discussion?
3) Where are the 6 main verses?  3 OT and 3 NT.
4) How are thoughtful evangelicals exegeting the texts differently?
5) Moral and Ceremonial Levitical Laws?
6) Jesus, Paul, and the NT?
7) Biblical Euphemisms for Sex in the Bible?
8) Greek: Malakoi, Arsenokoitai, the Septuagint, Hebrew: yada?
9)  Sodom, Gomorrah, Rape at Gibeah, Male Prostitutes at the Temple?
10) Inhospitality, Rape, Cult Prostitution, Pederasty, Homosexuality, Marriage, Concubines, Eunuchs, Natural, Unnatural, Sexual Purity, Discipline, Judgment, Grace, Jesus?

Learning to Love God and Love People.