“Transcendence” the Movie

Poster of Transcendence

Ok… I’m definitely in a movie mode these last couple of mths.

Nick is my partner in crime.

“Transcendence”… the story line and theme of the movie are definitely intriguing, but the movie itself is not made very well.  I can be hyper critical at times… concerning plausibility within the theme, not so much is some scientific fantasy possible or not, but more in how things play out… like a problem: the main characters bought and built an entire city and no one seemed to notice, not the feds, those bilked on Wall Street of millions, the towns people, not to mention the lack of construction crews… etc… this didn’t seem to be much trouble for the director.  So anyway… I didn’t really care for the movie.

But the story line.  Johnny Depp’s character, a scientists, dies, and his mapped brain is downloaded into a computer and then onto the web.  He seems to have a ‘conscience’ after death.  He has limitless knowledge as he ‘knows’ everything on every connected computer to the internet, knowledge which he then can assimilate with algorithms, then expand, build upon, and ‘evolve’… very quickly.  Artificial Intelligence, AI, is mixed with an actual person’s mapped brain.  That’s a cool thought.  One I’ve definitely pondered, along with the soon coming possibility to access Wikipedia (and others) through an implant in the brain.

It’s a great question to a human… “Are you self aware?”  And “How do you prove it?”  And then to an Artificially Intelligent Computer slash Human Brain combo.
What is ‘consciousness’… what is a ‘soul’… etc. etc.

Well, Johnny gets a bit too powerful for his own good.  He becomes God-like with the ability to replicate, somehow intertwine with nature, control life, death, healing, rain, the atmosphere, and his newly modified humans that now have been connected to ‘him’ via the web.

It’s all a pretty cool thought experiment, with many fearful exploitations.

I recommend it on video, just so you can keep a watchful eye on google and apple… simply because they are already watching you.  I’d hate for them to become self aware.  Then we might need Arnold to help fight the machines!  Johnny D ain’t gonna be helping us.

Always for Christ.




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