You Don’t Go to Church

Please… Please…
Let’s agree together, not to say,
“I went to Church.” “I’m going to Church.” “Where do you go to Church?”… “Church wasn’t very good today.”

It may seem trivial, but You are the Church. We are the Church. The Body of Believers, the called out ones, the assembly, that gathers regularly as the Church.

Let’s agree together, to say,
“I am the Church.” “I’m going to worship at TMCC.” “Where do you gather as the Church to worship?”… “I wasn’t very good today.”

People put this ‘idea’ on an experience, and tend to forget that we are the experience. It deflects the idea of “I didn’t Worship” … to “Worship wasn’t good”, and what does that mean… the performance by other people wasn’t very good for my liking.

Fellowshipping in real conversation beyond “hey, how was your week, good, and yours?”.
Hearing people’s joys and troubles.
Praying earnestly for one another.
Studying God’s word.

There is no pressure for “Excellence” at “Church” to be “Amazing”.
That’s a false reality. That’s a false experience. That can be marketed. That can be contrived.

Today too many of us hide behind this notion of “Excellence”- which simply means the best performers, the best speakers, the best sound system, the best everything… for more costs, higher salaries, competition, and more churn… the underbelly’s churn. Our desire for an “Excellent Church Experience” is so far off… and directly creates the underbelly’s churn. Stop yourself for just a moment… pause… and recognize, you don’t want to “know” about all the stuff behind the scenes, the turmoil, the drama… but you are directly creating the churn by desiring the best ‘performance’.

Mostly watching, then singing to songs, acquiring appropriate goose bumps… is not much different than going to a U2 Concert. That simply is not Church. Jump off that ship. It’s the wrong ship!

Being patient with an impatient person, chatting with someone so different, crying over a niece’s lymphoma, raising your hands and crying to God, flipping the pages and marking in your Bible, laughing with a friend about falling off his dirt bike, delaying your lunch to help put away the chairs, sending a note to a parent with Parkinson’s…

That’s the Church. You don’t go there.
That’s you.

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