Surprise List of Evangelicals for Women

Christian Church Leaders
These are clearly Egalitarians or Complementarians without Hierarchy.

Dwight Moody, Moody Bible Institute  (bio)

John Wesley, Methodism  (bio)

AJ Gordon, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary  (bio)  (article)

Albert Simpson, Christian Missionary Alliance  (bio)

Theologian F.F. Bruce  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Gordon Fee  (bio)  (and more)

Theologian Roger Nicole  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Bishop Thomas Wright  (bio)

Theologian Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Ben Witherington III

Theologian I. Howard Marshall  (bio)

Theologian Craig Keener  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Stanley Gundry  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Thomas Oden  (bio)

Theologian Stanley Grenz  (bio)  (quote)

Theologian Don and Robbie Joy  (bio)  (quote)

Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Association

David Cho, South Korea’s Largest Church

The Methodists
The Salvation Army
The Evangelical Free
The Nazarenes
The Assemblies of God
The Quakers