Preparing for Job Series

job booksJob is pretty daunting to me… so much to such a deeply rich text.  I’ll learn more than I know in this preaching series.

Here’s a pretty good mix I think of some of my resources…

1) J. Vernon McGee… the straight forward scholarly fundamental preacher of Thru the Bible in 5 years radio broadcasts…

2) The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary… a liberal slant with deep scholarly work.  Carol A. Newsom at Candler at Emory in Atlanta.

3) The Expositor’s Bible Commentary… scholarly conservative exposition.  Frank Gaebelein Editor (longtime Chief of Christianity Today Magazine).

Women’s Group with Katrina Ryder Starting

Women’s group to discuss relevant issues like control, anger, insecurity, fear, and faith, following the book She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice. Here’s the link: where you can see a sample of the video.  I’d love to see all ages, backgrounds, and denominations represented.

The groups will meet for seven weeks on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings in downtown Waxhaw. (Specific directions will b…e given when you sign up. It’s my mom’s house, so I don’t want to list her address on the big, wide, interwebs.)

The Tuesday morning group will meet 9:45-11:15, beginning Oct 1st through November 19th. We will NOT meet Oct 29th, the week of Halloween.  AT THIS POINT THERE IS NO CHILDCARE OFFERED. If you are interested, but would need childcare, let me know. If there is enough need, I will pursue it.

The Thursday night group will meet 7:15-8:45, beginning October 3rd through November 21st. We will NOT meet October 31st, Halloween night. There is no childcare for the evening group.

Sign up in the comments below and state which day/time you’d like to attend.

The study is free except for the cost of the book, which  you can buy in paperback or Kindle edition for around $10.
If you have questions, need help obtaining the book, or want to sign up, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

If you are not in Waxhaw but would be willing to pray for this study and the You Go, Girl! group, will you let me know. It would mean SO MUCH to me.

You can also sign up at my blog: More

Sept. 8, Great Worship Experience


I personally thought today’s worship experience was amazing!
(I didn’t preach… coincidence?… Ha.)

Chris did an awesome job teaching during the sermon block!  We love Chris and will miss him much!  We support you in Scotland!
Chuck did great financial presentation… we are blessed to be so healthy in this area.
Melissa sang a great song before communion.
Nice to anoint and pray for Joe before his surgery tomorrow!
Awesome Sunday School taught by Sinker.
Women’s Bible Study joining up with Katrina Ryder.
Rob came early and set communion and a newfangled seating arrangement!

All great stuff in participating in the body of Christ.

This is no P.R. posts… its just good stuff period!  I’m thankful.
In Christ,


TMCC Worship Time Tightens Up

Hey TMCC Folks,
1)  I’ve been considering our Worship Time on Sunday mornings and I want you to know that I realize it has been a little bit “lazy” and “undisciplined” to a degree.
Now we all probably have a bit of varying opinions on this… we don’t want to limit the Holy Spirit… but in general… I want to tighten up a bit on our time.
2)  When I allow Worship to go too long… then that cuts into SS time and that’s not fair to John or anyone else teaching.  And if we go long… that makes it hard for Carol and the Children.
3)  Currently I realize Church to SS is going about 3 hours…9:30am-12:30pm, that’s pretty long, and hard especially for the kids.
I love it… and it hasn’t bothered me a bit…
yet I think for you and in our culture it’s reasonable to tighten it and be a bit more disciplined.
You WILL have to participate in this too though.  (Like arriving before 9:31am… oh and I love you though.)
4)  I’ve cut my sermons from 50minutes to 30minutes.
Prayer time should still have priority… so i’ll probably shorten worship songs by one or two depending how the service flows.
5)  So Basically (without being legalistic):
9:30am   Prayer to start… Worship Music begins on time.
9:35am   Group Prayer and Praise Reports.
9:50am   Worship Songs
10:10am  Break up for Fellowship
10:15am  7 minute segment
10:25am  Sermon
11am       End
11:15am  SS Begins.
Noon       Sunday School Ends.
                Fellowship til you leave.
6)  This will not be easy for any of us…. yet I do think we can relaxingly appropriate this schedule without feeling like we are a slave to some time structure… while at the same time… not going on and on and on without any discipline.  I’m the chief of sinners here… I know it… so let’s work together.
I just want to be open and honest about how I see this and will change it… your kind opinion is always appreciated.
I hope to see you this Sunday!
In Christ, Mark