Jesus and the Easter Bunny, balance

Ok… so since none of us usually agree 100% on any one thing… no surprise I feel the same with this article… and in general when it comes to Mark Driscoll’s teachings and style of presentation… however… I’ll lazily post this article he wrote in the Washington Post (instead of rewrite my own) on The Easter Bunny and Jesus – because I think it is good and balanced.

Truthfully… the Easter Bunny is our family’s least favorite mythical fun story connected with a Christian Holiday… yet I also don’t want to appear as a “fun hater” or “Christian curmudgeon”…. so… read this and see how we can positively focus on the historical reality that Easter is about Jesus’ death and resurrection to save us from our sins… while at the same time having “permission” as a conservative Christian to enjoy imagination, fun, children, and chocolate.

Mark Patterson reposting Mark Driscoll

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