The Greater Good is Not Worship Excellence

The Greater Good of TMCC.

Real Fellowship:  Prior to worship, during worship.

Prayer and Praise:  Really knowing each other.

Bible Exposition:  Knowing our source.

Not a Big Show.  We can have more fellowship and true relationships when we don’t Focus on a Show.
We don’t have a “Youth Group”… but we do have a boys small group.
We don’t have a lot of 20 somethings… but we do have Thursday Small Group at Taylor/Brooke’s.
We don’t have a huge band… but we do have good praise music.
We don’t have a Retiree Group, but we do have mixed involvement in my small group, the women’s retreat, worship time.
The Greater Good is in what we do have.

The Amazing Hour Experience that you can have at some other local worship locations…
With an Amazing Worship Band, Great Décor, Topical Sermon, “In-Out” Movie Theater Philosophy, and all the sub groups of ministries., does have its liabilities.  It costs a lot of money, people are hired more often based on a qualifier of ‘performance’, Preaching is from the surface of Scripture, it creates a false sense of what “Church” is and what “Worship” is, typically is “Personality” driven expansion with Video Venues verses Preacher/Leadership Multiplication, and most resources spent on the system itself in salaries, facilities, operations.
Are we seriously conning ourselves that out of say 3,000 in membership… there are NONE others that can effectively communicate God’s word and be planted in a location?  What gives with all this me centered video venue multiplication???

Excellence is highlighted… while community is inadvertently slighted.

Church isn’t about Excellence… Church is God’s people.

The Greater Good… is giving up the “high excellence” and “amenities” you Want… and getting in Community… that which you Need!


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