9. Elders- Institutions, People, & Positions

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A simple explanation of Elders.

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“Elders” Leadership Development

I. Elders: From Synagogues to Christian Denominations.
Religious Institutions
Word, Sacrament, Order.

II. Elder Timeline: Jesus to Paul to Peter.
Timothy, Titus, Peter
Who preach/teach/guard doctrine, pray, admonish, serve, rule, discipline, appoint, give.

III. Elder Timeline: Christian Elders to Bishops development.
3 Established Offices: Bishops & Elders & Deacons.

Character / Love

Witness this week!

Would you commit to telling somebody about Jesus this week? Would you pray about it, think of a person, strike up a conversation, consider how you would “cross over” without it getting too weird… an invitation, your testimony, a topic? No pressure… just an encouraging reminder that he is worth talking about.

Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu India

I had an amazing time in India teaching at the Emmanuel Bible College, Preaching, leading devotions, ministering to children, and spending time with my friends Sam/Elizabeth, Wayne/Betsy, and family.
Praise God for the 23 years of ministry they celebrated there this month and for the tremendous work for Christ.
35 in the Bible College, 800 in the Private School, 300 in Church, multiple Church plants, 50 adopted orphans, Island ministry to prisoners, and more.
I hope to plan many options for ministries to return next year.
Please pray for Tenkasi!
In Christ,