8. You ARE Church!

If you and me, the individual, are the Church, then each of us should find a community, commit, be involved, pray, sacrifice, and be an active part of that body… what else would we do… exist alone??? visit church worship experiences for years??? If you have a family, you have to be involved in that family, if you are the Church, you have to be involved in the Church.
We desperately need to be involved intimately with God and each other…
It’s not about the best show and best music and best speaker… we must be careful in our pursuit of “Excellence” in the Church… I’m not too sure of the Bible verses there… but I’m reminded over and over and over as i read that as a part of the body of Christ… I’m to be involved with the Church that I’m a part of… let’s Love God and People!

Evangelical, Explaining Scriptures, Real Community

If you are checking out the website.
We are Evangelicals… trying to be faitful to Jesus in our everyday walks… we really dig into the Bible- even the hard parts… and we exist in community to know each other personally, not just watch a show to get in & get out.
Church is you. Not a building or a performance.
No matter how uncomfortable… and broken… and different… or the same… we are called to be in Christ with one another.
It isn’t easy.
But neither is life.

Brooke/Taylor’s Small Group Vibrant!

Hey… I just wanted to say that Brooke and Taylor’s small group is going so well on Thursday nights. I so appreciate their leadership and hospitality in hosting this group. Nine last night discussing truth in a desire to win others in love.
Great study and discussion and fellowship for 20-30somethings.
Adult SS was awesome last week with 14 in fun serious study of Philippians.
Tuesday night teen boys at Robbie’s house is great.
Wed morning men… Wed night crop growing men…
The local “church”… the ekklesia… the gathering… the assembly… not a Building… not a Program…
it’s happening.
Grow the insides… grow the bonds… strengthen the faith… develop relationships… accountability…
that’s good growth.
Praise God.