Muslim Women, Expositional Preaching, Community, Church Planting

It’s good to be reminded of what TMCC is about.
-We will reach Muslim Women in closed countries… it will be difficult and will costs us!
-We teach through the Bible, not skipping the hard parts, and being “wide” and “generous” with those who hold differing opinions. Please… no theological clones!
-We spend time in fellowship, small group, and getting to really know one another in community. This is not just a theory… we are trying to practice “being” the church.
-We will plant new leaders and new churches and new ministries. We will support, give, and sacrifice for kingdom growth!
-We aren’t reinventing the church… we just want to be one fruitful segment of it.
In Christ,

Beans, Teens, and Connection

Being Connected within the body of Christ is essential. In real… initimate… “I can pray for you right now” relationships.
New Teen Boys on Tuesday night, Wednesday Men’s Breakfast Bible Study, Crop Growing Spiritual Growth for Men, Thursday 20-30somethings, 3 Sunday School Classes, Barn Rock…
There is a place for you… but You have to make the effort.
Relationships aren’t easy… watching a “show” is.
Don’t just watch.
Be Connected!

Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu India Your Donations for these:

Here are possibilities that your donations can go to at Pastor Sam George’s ministry in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu India.
Please give.
$30 (monthly) for the living expenses for a child from the Children’s Home
$50 (monthly) for training a pastor
$75 (single payment) for a metal bed frame for the Children’s Home
$150 (single payment) for a metal bunk bed frame for the Children’s Home
$1000 (monthly) for grocery expenses for 100 people
$1000 (monthly) for electricity expenses