Sat. update Pray for Larra- 8 years old, very sick

Update Saturday- Larra has meningo-encephalitis, maybe caused by mosquitos. She is doing better today… and may go home from the hospital. Recovery could take a week to 3 mths, just depends.
Please continue to pray for her.

Update Friday- she is doing better, they are still trying to pinpoint the issue, she is still in the hospital.

Please pray for Larra Hoelscher, Kareena’s best friend, she was Diana’s (from Kenya) host little sister. She is in the hospital in emergency testing. She might have encephalitis or meningitis, they did a spinal tap. This is pretty serious. Pray for Larra, her brother’s Billy and Jeffrey, and parents Kay and Jeff.
In Christ,
Kareena, Corina, and Mark

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