Crop Growing Bible Study (& a little bit to food pantry)

I’m working on the idea for plans to begin a Young Men’s Small Group (18-30yr olds).
We will learn together how to plant some crops to hopefully have at least a little bit for a local food pantry, meanwhile having Bible accountability with one another.

It will take Christian commitment, muscle / energy, and time.
We will research first, then discuss the plan of what and how to grow, we will till a small plot of land at my house in the country, we will together routinely take care of the crops, and we will then harvest together.
We will divide the produce up, 50% of the food harvested will go to those who grow the crops, and the other 50% will go to a local food pantry to help feed the hungry.
We will have a short Bible study, and good manly accountability.
This will help to teach us a new skill, help feed the hungry, provide Christian fellowship, help us constructively produce for others in a satisfying manner, and utilize our strong energy for good so that when we lie down at night… we feel like we are doing some of the good things that God has prepared beforehand for us to do.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating.
This idea has been seeded in me for quite some time, I know a number of strong young men that could use a small group together, I’ve been praying about leading a small group, and I’m interested in growing crops for Christ.
I’m considering a late afternoon to dusk meeting time, once a week, or every other week.

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