What a great Church Body! Thank you for caring so much for my wife Corina, me, lil K, and 2Jan.
Thank you for allowing us to be honest in suffering, as an episode actually occurred during worship.
We still believe very strongly in the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ, yet life can be difficult, not always understandable.
The day actually grew worse after Church Worship. We did not go to the hospital. What we experienced together as a body, is not unusual for Corina, and many times is a daily occurrence.
We will continue on the path of Specialist Doctors, the nutritionist, medicine, counseling, physical therapy, and most of all prayer. Please pray for my wife as I know you do.
I’m always reminded that we are not the only ones within our local body hurting, suffering, or struggling… I,… we… are also mindful and praying for you. I also constantly think of those women in other countries, who are oppressed, hurting like my wife, without doctors and without Christ. Oh Jesus… help us to help them.
There are also many who might be experiencing more joyous, happy, prosperous times… and we should give thanks for that… and enjoy the blessings of God.
We don’t want the Pattersons to be the focus… yet we openly and humbly receive your love and care.
And in all times… good and bad… easy and hard… happy and sad… let you and I together, with my wife… Praise God our Father through the Holy Spirit for Jesus Christ.
God is good.
His will.
In Christ,

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