Jan. 1, Sermon Notes Gal. 4:21-31

The Run Down

Read Galatians 4:21-31

Core Value:
Making Disciples
How does TMCC do this?
First, What is a Disciple?
Church Attenders // Believers // Disciples
Attend Some
Football Games (husband makes u)
// Believe in Clemson Tigers
// I am a Clemson Tiger

Vs. 21 Curse under the law.

Vs. 22 Back to Abraham, slave/free.
Matt. 3:7-10, John 8:39-47
(Gen. 16:5, 21:2)
Vs. 23 Flesh/Promise – Natural / Miraculous
Romans 9:4-7
(Gen. 17:16-19; 18:10, 14; 21:1,2)
(Heb. 11:11.)

Vs. 24 Interesting Allegorical Interpretation
Allegory: applies meaning to words other than spoken, extended metaphor.
Paul Applies to
Judaism and Christianity
Seems highly
controversial and a flip.
Using Hagar for Jews and Sarah for Christians.
Like Using Stalin for USA and Abraham Lincoln for Russia.
Just odd.
He is making a point.

Temple still standing.
Vs. 24 Abraham, Moses, Mt. Sinai, The Law.

Rom. 9:4 Adoption, covenants.

Vs. 25-27 Isaiah 54:1
Applied to restoration of Israel after Babylonian Captivity in 586BC.
Fullness in Christ sons of Abe/Sarah.

Vs. 28 Supernatural birth.
Gal. 3:29

Vs. 29 Gen. 21:8-11
Gal. 5:11
True Christians will be persecuted.
Matt. 5:10-12
Most often by half brothers.

Vs. 30 Gen. 21:10
Jews thought as principled “casting out” of the Gentiles…
Paul turns this on its head.
John 8:35 Who is from Abraham?

Vs. 31 Not of the slave, but of the free.
Gal. 3:29.

A week has passed.
Video Mr. Young’s back yard in snow.
NY pic. We played.
Half year with Tojan.
Z gone .
Lost Boston and Willie in 2011.
Trucking Ended. Daughter turned 9.
…2011 moments.

First, What is a Disciple?
…2012 moments.
Wading…. Swimming….
Low Dive…. High Dive…

Specific commitments.
Not talking about your job promotion, investments, cars, houses, etc… just Christian discipleship.
A mission?
Quiet times?
Ridiculous generosity?
Bible Study?
Behavioral change?
Connect 1 Disconnected?

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