God & People

God & People. Right?
The greatest commandment. God & People.

Today… what will I do to exemplify that that is what is important to me.
What about you?

In just a little while, really not too far off, maybe just another 52 years,… with a high probability of it actuallly being sooner… I will be lying on my bed, struggling with this decaying shell, maybe by a crackling fire, but probably instead in a sterile, unfamilar room, not my home, holding on for some odd reason… to this shell… and I know now what my thoughts will be about then – I mean I know – they will be about God & People.
Then why busy myself so much today around things and stuff, … stuff and things…rushing pass the 2 that I know are most important.
God & People.

God, help me not to rush pass that which I know is most important.
You and People.

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