Discipleship calls us to give ourselves away, following Christ.

Too many models create strategies to attract the largest crowds possible.
More, more, more.
Success is 50 more people than last week.
The truth is, Jesus actually did almost the opposite. Sure the crowds came, but he wasn’t a big fan of that. Many times he said and did things that discouraged the crowds. We tend to worship the crowds, and “success” is defined by how many are in the “crowds”. I really have had to rework my thoughts on all this.
Truth is, maybe when the crowds begin to show up… that’s actually the time we should really become concerned whether we are missing Godly success.
Crowds have a very few committed disciples, a bit more believers, and a lot,… a lot… of onlookers. Hmmmm.
As a Pastor… indicting myself with my fellow Pastors, why do we want so many onlookers. Really. Why?
Let’s focus like a laser on Crowds of Disciples.

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