Nov. 6, Sermon Notes Galatians 2:1-11

The Run Down

Second Mission 49AD thru Galatia then Paul wrote to Galatians 51AD
Ch. 1 Independence from 12 Apostles.
Ch. 2 Unity with 12 Apostles, but without perfection.

Not anymore is the source of Gospel the issue.
But now Nature of the Gospel.
Centered around “circumcision”.
Wow… still Germinating?

Vs. 1 After 17 years of ministry…
in Antioch / Syria / Cilicia / and
1st Mission Journey…
the Nature of the Gospel is being questioned.
33AD to 49 AD.
I’ve been a Christian just a few years longer.

Paul travels to the Seat of Christianity… Jerusalem.
To possibly defend his very ministry.
James, Peter, John, and the Apostles.

Vs. 2 By Revelation, not “summoned”.
“Seemed” influential. Not that they weren’t… but Paul isn’t acquiescing.
The two Powerful Heads… will this splinter the movement?
Vs. 3
Titus, a Greek,
Was he purposefully taken as a living example?

Vs. 4
Spies in Antioch and in Jerusalem.
Titus 1:9-11… later reminded!

Hebrews 5:11-6:1. We should know the Basics. The Core. The Nature of the Gospel.

Vs. 5
Paul feels strongly!
Gospel is Hinging on this!

Vs. 6
Oppose the Pillars if need be.
Vs 2, 6, 6, 9. “seemed”.
No partiality, even to the top top of the Church!
1 Sam. 16:7…
the council…

Vs. 7 Uncircumcised & Circumcised.
Vs. 8 Same “He” is working.
Vs. 9 James / Cephas / John
Perceive the grace given to Paul.
Peter’s Dream (Acts).
Remember this is support to Galatians for the “Pure Gospel” against false teachers!
Vs. 10
Remember the poor… are we?

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