Corina’s Health

Hey Church.
Many of you regularly inquire… so i figured I’d post this to get out the general facts.
Corina (mommy) is doing poorly. She continues to be more and more restricted in her ability to move and just function daily. We hope to be moving towards another (9th) surgery, we know by experience she has organs adhering due to scar tissue, and she needs to be “cut free”… this has happened numerous times with her intestine, bladder, ovary, etc… twisting and attaching somewhere to something inside… yet the process for moving toward surgery is going slow. She had a non-invasive procedure Monday Oct. 31st, and had to miss out on trick or treating. Please pray for her, or send her a sweet, encouraging email. It can be a psychological struggle managing pain that daily moves from a 7 to a 10 level (out of 10). Pain management with heavy drugs is not something we relish… but what do you do? What do you do. Please pray for her, for us, as God sees us through, and that we remain faithful.
In Christ,

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