Oct. 30, Sermon Notes Galatians 1:11-24

Paul’s Conversion 34AD
First mission 46AD thru Galatia
Second Mission 49AD thru Galatia
*** Paul wrote to Galatians 51AD***
Third Mission 53AD thru Galatia
… Paul and Peter…both in Rome…disappear…late 60’sAD

Vs. 11-12
Not man-made.
Not received from man.
Not taught by man.
Paul’s Gospel?
Apostle’s Gospel?
By Revelation of Jesus Christ.

From 30-44AD
Mark 7:19 Syrophoe
Mark 7:24 Temple
Mark 11:12 All clean food
Mark 16:15 All the world
Acts 9:1 Paul called to Gentiles, 34AD
Acts 10:44-45 Cornelius/Peter Dream, 44AD
Jerusalem Council 49AD

His religious experience thesis for:
His Commissioning and “the Gospel”.
“Coincidentally” Same Gospel as All Apostles 11 + Matthias, Barnabas, James, Stephen, Silas, Timothy, Apollos, Adronicus, Junia. Along with the written records of
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, James, Jude
Vs. 13-14 Phil. 3:4-6 his Jewish life.
Traditions: memorizing Torah, studying rabbinic commentary
Acts 7:58 Persecuted the Church.
Religious of the Religion with extreme Religiousness…
What about you?
Are you religious…
Or do you love God and people?

Vs. 15-17
Like Jeremiah 1:5 ‘set apart from birth’.
Called by grace. Reveal his Son. …in order to preach to the Gentiles!
Arabia, then Damascus for 3 years!
What were you set apart while still in the womb to do for God?
Acts 9:20 “And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues saying,
‘He is the Son of God.’
How are you proclaiming that…
‘He is the Son of God.’
Vs. 18-20
Wow… Peter, Paul, and James. Quite a trio.
…all 3 live and are martyred for Jesus.
Will anyone in here die for the Gospel?
Will all in here live …for the Gospel?

Vs. 21-24
Syria (Capital of Antioch)
Tarsus is in Cilicia Paul headed home.
Hearing of a miracle conversion.
Praising God.
All have miracle conversions. No one’s testimony is “boring”.

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