Oct. 16, Sermon Notes Galatians 1

The Run Down
Galatians Perception Brain Games… 1) Card trick… then 2) Storm Trooper.
Galatians written 49-55AD
After 2 mission trips through.
So written after being in Corinth on his Second Missionary journey.

Acts by Luke written 62-64AD.
See Galatia map, with Paul’s travels.
In present day Turkey.

Compare recorded events Galatians(Paul) / Acts (Luke)

(Galatians 1:16)
Road to Damascus – converted. 33-35AD
Straight to Arabia then to Damascus again for 3 years.
1st to Jerusalem for 15 days 36-38AD
With Cephas and James
then to Syria / Cilicia

(Paul doesn’t mention the 2nd recorded trip to Jerusalem that Luke does…thus Paul’s 2nd is Luke’s 3rd.)

…14 years later…

2nd to Jerusalem (Gal. 2:1-10) 47-49AD
With Barnabas, Titus,
Privately before James, Cephas, John
(Remember the poor.)
Galatians then was written 49-55AD

(Acts 9)
Road to Damascus – converted. 33-35AD

1st to Jerusalem (Acts 9:26), Barnabas takes Paul to scared apostles.
Paul To Caesarea (Acts 9:30) To Tarsus (Cilicia)…
(Acts 11:25) Barnabas To Tarsus… Them back to Antioch, Teach one year…

Barnabas and Paul leave…

2nd to Jerusalem, famine. (Acts 11:27)
Back to Antioch (Acts 12:25)
First mission, 46/47AD (Acts 13:2)
To Cyprus out and back to Antioch

3rd to Jerusalem, Council, 49/50AD (Acts 15:1)
to Antioch
Second Mission, 49AD (Acts 15:36)
Ends 52-53AD (Acts 18:22)
To Antioch
From Antioch
Third Mission, 53-59AD

4th to Jerusalem, arrested.
To Rome, 60AD.
Luke then was written 62-64AD

Criticism from Paul’s accusers.
#1 He received his imperfect Gospel from others. Chapter 1 deals with Paul’s response of his authority of revelation from God.. not any other.
#2 Criticism Paul is teaching something different from the other apostles… handled in Chapter 2.

Galatians 1:1-5
Three main themes in intro salutation:
1. Source of authority.
2. Doctrine of grace.
3. Full deliverance from sin.

One: authority is being spoken into your life by the Word of God. Are you receiving it? You are saved by Grace… by what your savior did. Do you rest in that? Are you being delivered from sin?

Vs. 1 This is usual for Paul… but he adds because this is what is being challenged in this church by the legalizers.

Acts 1:21-26… Seemingly defined: Apostleship 1) eyewitness of Christ’s ministry to resurrection… 2) commissioned by Jesus.
Paul defends his apostleship… and Luke does to… of him and Barnabas Acts 14:14…. And also James the bro of Jesus 1 Cor. 15:7 and Galatians 1:19. (Matth. 12:46… originally James thought crazy.)
Silvanus 1 Thess. 1:1 and 2:6-7.

5 min. Christmas Carol clip. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out.
What we want so desperately… might not be in the end the best for us…..
Real life……

Real life. You’ll shoot your eye out.
What you really really want…
What we really want and what God gives us….. it’s hard to figure out….

Monday Mommy and Kareena home from Ballet Class Monday.. I’m splitting wood… BAM… piece splinters off and hits me in the knee… oh my… writhing on the ground in pain…

Wife tremendous pain this week. Emergency doctor meetings. Probably another surgery.
Willingness to help others faiths through our pain?
My daughters prayer of “God if you don’t answer this I’ll be mad?” Honesty.
Personal testimony story this week.
Answers for yall… life as witness…. Personal struggle and faith….

Yet Corina says… “We are billionaires when it comes to love in this family.” That’s a good statement when life is giving us unexpected after unexpected.
God… help us we study deeply and gain information in your word…. While real life… and the unexpected is happening in people’s lives all around us… help us to love you and love one another.

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