ARCHIVE October, 2011

Oct. 30, Sermon Notes Galatians 1:11-24

Paul’s Conversion 34AD First mission 46AD thru Galatia Second Mission 49AD thru Galatia *** Paul wrote to Galatians 51AD*** Third Mission 53AD thru Galatia … Paul and Peter…both in Rome…disappear…late 60’sAD Vs. 11-12 Not man-made. Not received from man. Not taught by man. Paul’s Gospel? Apostle’s Gospel? By Revelation of Jesus Christ. From 30-44AD Mark […]

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Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

We are meeting at Jerry Martin’s Wed. Oct. 26th, 7am. 10301 Rocking Chair Rd. Bring a jacket, come around back to the fire pit, please don’t come through the front door. Come Hungry. Bring a friend.

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Oct. 23, Sermon Notes Galatians 1:1-10

The Run Down Galatians Review Paul’s Timeline: Paul’s Conversion 34AD – Damascus 3 years – to Jerusalem – Antioch home base – Tarsus – Antioch 1 yr – Jerusalem famine (Acts only) – Antioch – First mission 46AD thru Galatia– to Jerusalem Council 49AD – to Antioch – Second Mission 49AD – thru Galatia – […]

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Oct. 16, Sermon Notes Galatians 1

The Run Down Galatians Perception Brain Games… 1) Card trick… then 2) Storm Trooper. Galatians written 49-55AD After 2 mission trips through. So written after being in Corinth on his Second Missionary journey. Acts by Luke written 62-64AD. See Galatia map, with Paul’s travels. In present day Turkey. Compare recorded events Galatians(Paul) / Acts (Luke) […]

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Oct. 9, Sermon Notes Joel 3

History: Assyrian Empire 722 BC Babylonian Empire 600 BC Mede-Persian Empire 539 BC Roman Empire 64 BC Jerusalem barely survives Assyrians, 722BC Jerusalem destroyed by Babylonians, 586BC Jews come back under Persians, 539BC Jerusalem oppressed by Romans, 64BC Jerusalem destroyed by Romans, 70AD Israel reconstitutes, 1948 Prophesy: Luke 21 Joel Jesus predicts Jewish Destruction Day […]

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New 20-30something Small Group

Brooke and Taylor are starting a small group for young adults between the ages of 20-30. The small group will be meeting on Thursday at 7:30 pm with the projected start date of Thursday October 21. The place we will meet is at our apartment, Legacy Arobretum Apartments, 1815 Whispering Forest Dr., Apartment 303. Also, […]

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Oct. 2, Sermon Notes Joel 2

The Run Down Joel 2 The Locust plague has come in Chapter 1. A double figure of locusts and an army seem to be interwoven in Joel’s warnings. Most probably, since a good dating of Joel is 790-740BC, the Assyrian army, is the real army interwoven in the prophetic threat. His contemporaries are Amos, Hosea, […]

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