Elders Sermon Notes 8.14.2011

I.Elders:  From Synagogues to Christian Denominations.
Synagogue elders,
  Christian elders, elder teachers/administrators,
   Paul Timothy Titus authority over elders/churches,
    they are appointing elders at all the churches,
     Church expansion needs leadership,
      elder/overseers term used interchangeably,
       Develops to Overseeing Bishops (Episkopos) like “Paul”,
        to Official Separate Offices of Bishop and Elder,
         geographic churches, expansion, denominations.
          Elders/Overseers: preach/teach/guard doctrine, pray, admonish, serve, rule, discipline, appoint, give.
           Summary: Word, Sacrament, Order.

II. Elder Timeline:   Jesus to Paul to Peter.
33AD Matt. 16:21 (acts 6:12)
              40-50AD James   (acts 11:29-30)                                                  
               46-49AD 1st Mission   (acts 13:2-3, 14:23)                            
                      49AD Jerusalem Council (acts 15:2, 22-23)                     
                      49-52AD 2nd Mission     (acts 15:36; 16:4)                                                
                      Spring 50AD 1 Thess. 
                      Summer 50AD 2 Thess. 
                             53-60AD 3rd Mission  (acts 18:22, 20:17, 28, 21:8) 
                                    62-66AD 1 Tim. 4:11-16 (elders over elders)                                  
                                    60-66AD Acts 20:17, 28; Titus 1:5-7 (elders/overseers interchanged)
                                       65AD   1 Peter 5:1 (elders)
                                           70AD Temple Destruction
                                                          107AD Apostolic Father Ignatius dies  (Disciple of John)

III. Elder Timeline:  Christian Elders to Bishops development.
a) 33AD Originally, Jewish Christians a Sect of Judaism.
 b) Thru Jesus Messianic/Deity teachings Jewish persecutions push separation with Christians.
  c) 40-70’sAD Increasing Gentile conversions outside of Judaism.
   d) 49AD Official decision the Jerusalem Council of Apostles/Elders, Gentiles don’t have to become Jewish 1st.
    e) 40-90’s Progression of worshipping on 1st Day the Lord’s day/Jesus’ Resurr. vs. the 7th Day Jewish Sabbath.
     f)  66-73AD Roman/Jewish war.
      g) 70AD the destruction of the Temple.
       h) Along the way there naturally appears Christian Leadership with Jewish Synagogue Elder Model.
        i)  50s?-90s?AD Develops into official positions, first only 2 Offices of Elders/Overseers and Deacons.
         j)  100’sAD Ignatius and Apostolic Fathers referring to 3 Established Offices –Bishops (episkopos overseers) & Elders (presbyteros) & Deacons (diakonos).

33-100AD Organizing Church, overseers…elders…deacons
100’s-300’sAD? Catholic/Orthodox Claims, Bishops…Elders…Deacons
1054 AD The Great Schism Between East/West, Completion of Catholic / Orthodox division.

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