Aug. 28, Sermon Notes 2 Thess. 1 (cont)

The Run Down
2 Thessalonians 1
Setting:  written just after 1 Thessalonais in the Summer of 50AD from Corinth.      
Main thrust:  1) The Lord hasn’t Come.  2)  Don’t Be Idle.   vs. 3-10 is one long Pauline sentence.
Country Boy:
We “ought”… as if they had written in humility “don’t”.  (Also 2:13)  Personal obligation.
1:3, 1 Thess. 3:12, answered prayer “and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all…”
2 Thess. 1:3 “your faith is growing and abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing.”
Hard Older Brother:
Your Love for the Body here increasing? How?  How would that be expressed?
If we don’t start here with each other… then where will we?  We will seem to be like the older brother in the Prodigal son story. 
Obedient to rules, missing the affection and love.
Good Church/Bad Church:
Thankful boasting, steadfastness and faith.
Boast about TMCC faithfulness?  (not a brag)  Or be like Corinth (1 Cor. 1:10-11)  that needed strong correction (divisions, lawsuits, sexual immorality) ? 
Collectively who will we be?  Individual love/action make up the body.
Building blocks like Lincoln logs.
Perseverance in Suffering:
Steadfastness and Faith – Perseverance: active, courageous quality.
Suffering is not contrary to God’s will but appears to be His will, 1 Thess. 3:3, Matt. 5:11-12 – Joel Osteen???.
Vs. 5 Evidence – suffering faithfully Phil. 1:28
Be made worthy of received salvation by suffering for it.
Vs. 6-8 Paul moves from present trouble to future triumph.  This is looking for that hopeful triumph of Jesus.  The 2nd coming.  The final scene where good wins.
God is just.  Reap what you sow.  Gal. 6:7.  Live by sword, die by it.
Not a desire for them, but a natural consequence for those who reject, oppose, and afflict God’s people.
Saved out of it… have a tremendous testimony of His grace… those who persist against His patience… will meet justice.
Romans 12:19 vengeance.  Jude 14-15. The Lord comes w angels.  Matt. 16:27 w his angels.
YHWH – Jesus role:
Isaiah 66:15-16  The Lord in fire.
1 Cor. 3:1-15 works tried w fire.  Matt. 3:11-12 baptize with fire
Vs. 8 two groups:  Gentiles and Jews.
Vs. 9 punishment, eternal, out of his presence, away from His glory “that day” opposite saints in His glory.  Marveled.  Believed.  (not hide in caves, beg for rocks to cover)
Vs. 11 Praying, God’s will sanctification, worthy, calling, good, work of faith.
Abide in him, and He in us.

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