Our sincerest condolences go out to Morgan Adams at the loss of her father.  Please pray for the family. 

June 21st, 2020. Father’s Day.

We are meeting Father’s Day for worship at 10am, the Weddington SRClub. Childrens SS will be inside. However Worship will still be outside on the comfortable pool deck. Josh Adams will lead us in live worship. Please come and invite a friend.
In Christ. Mark

Worship at TMCC tomorrow 10am Sunday May 31st

Hey You…You should come join us.

I’m back from a long work trip to Florida. Keith is studied up and ready. Kareena and Lara will be there. We’d love to have You!

WSRClub… 10am…. Worship!

In Christ, Mark

If Christians are at the WSRClub Outdoor Patio tomorrow at 9:30am April 19th, 2020, there will be Pastors present to lead worship. Please respect all authorities and doctors. Please bring wipes, masks, gloves, etc as needed.

If people gather tomorrow Easter Sunday  beside the parking lot in the Outdoor Nice Covered Patio at the WSRClub at 9:30am, there will be Pastors present to lead in a short Easter Sunday Worship. There will be no communion observed together, please prepare yourself and Remember at home.
We will obey all Governing Authorities.Please park your vehicles at least 2 spots from another vehicle. Please bring your own sanitizing wipes and stay 6ft from others you do not live with. Please feel free to wear a mask, glasses, gloves, etc.
There are chairs but you are encouraged to bring your own. The facility is locked, no restrooms available.
If you are sick please stay at home and contact a Pastor.
There is no alternate plan for inclement weather.
He died.  He was buried.  He will Rise! M

TMCC and Friends, 
Yes we will be open for Worship Sunday morning March 22nd, 2020.
9:30-10:30am. At the Weddington Swim and Raquet Club.
There are a number of people that desire a Worship Service during these trying times.  We wanted to provide an opportunity for those who wanted to Worship.  Many will stay home, some will come, we respect and honor your decision.

Please, you make your own informed decision about joining or not joining us.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html
If you have health issues, or you are especially at risk, or you are currently sick please follow your Doctors recommendations and stay home.  If you are sick and desire prayer please contact TMCC.
We invite all others who might temporarily not have a place to Worship to come and join us.

We will gather, sit separate, sing, pray, study God’s Word, and leave.   Simple, practical, scaled down, Worship.
Love God, Love People, Be Good. 12milecreekchurch.com
4315 Weddington Matthews Rd, Weddington, NC 28104
In Christ,Mark

-Please arrive exactly at 9:30am and leave promptly.  We will not have the usual socializing time in the middle of the service, service time will also be shortened. -We will practice social distancing and create extra empty spacing. -We will NOT be shaking hands, hugging, elbow bumping, or contacting one another in any way. -Due to the fact that sanitizing products are mostly sold out, Please Bring Your Own Sanitation Wipes and Hand Sanitizer (we can not find extra at the store to purchase for TMCC). -We will clean as best we can before you arrive. -Any food or drinks provided will be individually wrapped for obvious reasons. -Pastor Keith and Pastor Mark will both be wearing face masks just as a precautionary measure (except when leading from the pulpit).  You are invited to wear your own mask if you so desire. -We invite you to wash your hands upon arrival, while at worship, and before you leave. -We invite you to hold a sanitizing wipe when you make contact w any door knob, chair, table, etc etc. -There will be NO separate children’s church.   Parents will be in charge of their own children. -We will probably be below 10-15% of the facility’s space use capacity, however in the unlikely event many folks come we will only use a Maximum of 35% of the facility’s space… and if attendance is above that we would be forced to move Worship outside weather permitting. 

Please Donate. Mail Checks: to Mark Patterson. 9008 Woodbine Walk Rd Aprt 7308. Charlotte, NC 28277.

Teaching Pastor Keith Lowder

Executive Pastor Mark Patterson

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Agendas can distort the truth.  Jesus has been the target of many groups who want to re-fashion Him in a way that supports their hopes and causes.  It is important for all Christians to prayerfully revisit the testimony of the Gospels.  Join us on Sunday mornings and a bi-weekly Friday evening gathering as we embark upon a study of Luke’s Gospel.  Along the way we will find some confirmation of our understanding of Jesus, but also encounter some truths about Him and the life He calls us to that can make us uncomfortable and not fit the picture we have of Him in our minds.  However, it must be us who are conformed to Christ rather than the other way around.

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