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Who Are We?

We are a simple, uncomplicated church with a biblical foundation and Christ as our center. We are about loving God and loving people. Our worship service has a house church quality.

How Did Twelve Mile Creek Church (TMCC) Start?

TMCC started with a core group of church-going friends in the 28104 zip code area.   The group was dissatisfied with a growth-at-any-cost-model well-represented in churches dotting the landscape of south Charlotte and the surrounding suburbs.  The team wanted to re-capture a simpler approach to church that doesn’t compromise organic fellowship, hearing from the full counsel of Scripture, a passion for missions, and love for prayer.

Where Does the Church Meet?

At 10am TMCC meets at the Weddington Swim and Racquet Club in the clubhouse in Weddington, North Carolina.  The clubhouse sits between the tennis courts and the pool with plenty of parking.  The address is 4315 Matthews Weddington Rd, Weddington, NC 28104.

What can I expect to find? 

You will find a multi-racial group of Christians casually dressed, children singing contemporary songs with the adults, passion for engaging the Word of God, a time of prayer in which anyone can participate, a collective affirmation of our historic faith by reciting the Apostles’ Creed, and spontaneous fellowship after the service.  While there are many solid church options, we believe we offer a special confluence of features in the Weddington/Matthews/Indian Trail/Wesley Chapel area. Again, we have a house church quality.

What are the Sermons like?

The form of the sermon is shaped by our fundamental belief that the Bible is the Word of God.  You will learn more about the Scriptures and their enduring message in our sermons than in the average church.  The sermons engage the crucial background for understanding the Scripture in its place and time as well as its relevance for us today.  You are guaranteed to be equipped for reading the Bible with deeper appreciation and understanding after each sermon.   

What is the Music like?

The music is contemporary praise and worship.  We even sing some traditional songs albeit it in a slightly more contemporary style.

Activities Outside of the Worship Service

While coming together to worship the living Lord is a foundational piece of our church identity, we also gather outside of the 10am Sunday morning service.  We have a seasonal Bible study that meets every other Friday night in a rotation of different homes in the Weddington area. 

However, one of the distinctive marks of Twelve Mile Creek Church is a “do life together” ethos.  We do not rely on formal church activities to draw us together.  If you were to follow us around during the week you would see our children on play dates in Weddington, adults catching up at a coffee shop in Waxhaw, men in a Christian reading group, women shopping together, guys watching games at a sports bar in south Charlotte, and spontaneous lunches that happen after the worship service. 

Tell Me About the Pastor

Keith has two seminary graduate degrees and has been connected to the Weddington area for decades.  He has lived in and led mission trips around the world.  Some of these foreign locations include England, India, and Kenya.  These experiences have given Keith a heart for missions and a passion for proclaiming the Scriptures with cultural sensitivity.

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